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Getting to know Cody

On this weeks episode we get to know Britt’s husband Cody. They discuss their first hunts together. How that differs from going with just the guys & how that’s changed over the years. Their antelope hunts: Montana 2007 & Utah 2020. How they hunt with their kids, tips for taking them, your wife, girlfriend or someone new to hunting. Listen to some of their favorite hunting stories, when they were nervous, unprepared, plus their recent adventures & what’s to come! Keep Reading →

The BEST Camping Gear for your Trailer

Getting ready to go camping? or just got a new trailer/rv? See all of the top recommended gear and accessories you need to have in your trailer today to make for easy set, a comfortable camping trip, keep your organized and be glad you had! Britt walks you through their MUST HAVES Keep Reading →

Catching up with Kris after Texas Winter Storm

Britt chat’s with her BFF Kristen aka Kris to catch up after a wild start to her year. We truly just catch up and shoot the shit about how life has been going. Including going down memory lane talking about our failed candle making business. Riv (Britt’s son) stops in to say hi for a minute. Kristen discusses the Texas winter storm of February 2021, and her experience in the storm from a northerner Keep Reading →

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Wild Game Bolognese

Our wild game Bolognese recipe is easy, quick and beyond delicious. It’s a healthier homemade pasta sauce recipe made using pantry and fridge staples. Ingredients like tomatoes, spinach and cream cheese + herbs. Ready in 30 minutes or less, it makes the perfect dinner the whole family will love. We made ours with pronghorn sausage. Yum! Keep Reading →

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