We couldn’t think of a better guest to have for our launch of our re-brand for RECKONING, We get to hang out around the fire with Olivia Seline, Trauma-Informed Sex & Embodiment  Mentor, Reiki Master, and Truth Seeker.  After experiencing her own healing & sexual awakening, and through her ever-unfolding journey of coming home to herself – she felt pulled to create a sacred audio experience where we can explore the taboo life topics together outside the confines of social media with her podcast. 

We discuss all things from motherhood, delivery, being boy moms, body image, relationships with your significant other, how to honor and let go of negative beliefs of sex due to religious or purity culture up-bringing, to becoming confident on your own as a sexual goddess, with self love, pleasure and/or with your partner. She’s the no BS friend you never know you needed. Read the blog & Show Notes.  

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