On this week’s episode we have one of my new IG favs, Rachael Schwartz.  Rachael is a full-time working mom, certified nutrition coach, and fitness enthusiast. Through her work, studies, and her own personal story with nutrition and fitness she’s learned how to coach others on how to adopt a healthier lifestyle without making it feel like work. She emphasizes that eating a diet full of real whole foods can have the greatest impact on not only your jean size, but your all around happiness, health, and mentality. Rachael and Brittney chat more about shifting our fad diet mentality into real foods, and letting go of the guilt while also taking care of our bodies from the inside out.  Making small shifts that make a big difference.  Gut health, mom hacks, not being afraid of carbs, listening to your body and so much more. Read the blog & Show Notes.

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