On this weeks episode we get to know Britt’s husband Cody. They discuss their first hunts together. How that differs from going with just the guys & how that’s changed over the years. Their antelope hunts: Montana 2007 & Utah 2020. How they hunt with their kids, tips for taking them, your wife, girlfriend or someone new to hunting. Listen to some of their favorite hunting stories, when they were nervous, unprepared, plus their recent adventures & what’s to come!

Cody & Britt discuss in this episode:

  • Thanks for coming on 🙂
  • Quick about us, how we met, how long we have been married for and our kids.
  • Talk about our first hunt together, how it went. 
  • What was different taking Britt hunting than other hunts.
  • Tips for taking your girl hunting and/or Britt’s input from the chick’s perspective
  • Raising kids that hunt and how that’s different from what you thought it would be if any. Tips for introducing your kids to hunting. 
  • Our most recent hunts together.
  • What’s your favorite wild game recipe Britt cooks?
  • We started watching GOT, how much did it make you cringe watching them cape and butcher the stag?! 
  • Our recent trips out in the woods.
  • What’s to come over the next couple of months. Where we are pulling the trailer next and our fly fishing trips!

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On Britt’s 2013 Utah Archery Elk Hunt

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