Gift Guide for your outdoor lover for him, her and kids!

Britt goes solo this week, helping you find unique gifts for your hunter, fisher or outdoorsman that has it all for her, him and kids. Making it easy to get them something they will love for the holiday or just because. Keep Reading →

Nutrition Coach, Britney Eldredge

Guest Britney Eldredge, is a health and nutrition coach. She is Britt’s “macro” coach, they sit down to discuss how they started to work together, why and what that looks like.  How to get started on your own health and fitness journey, tips, tricks and how to work with Britney Eldredge. Keep Reading →

Jeremiah Doughty, From Field To Plate

Jeremiah Doughty is a wild game chef from Southern California. He founded From Field To Plate as a tool for others to use and learn from. He did not have anyone there to help him when he first started in the outdoors and did not want anyone else to have that struggle. So he founded a blog with stories and recipes. In 2017 he started a hands-on 4 day hunting, butchering & cooking school in South Texas. The classes have been mentioned in Outdoor life, NWTF, Mossy Oak and other magazines. He has since taken over 300 new and veterans hunters into the field and kitchen. He has evolved his business into a thriving social media outlet, passion projects, recipes and soon launching his first cookbook. His passion for the outdoors grows every day and he can't wait to change the Hunting Industry with a fork and a knife Keep Reading →

What we’ve been up to and what’s to come around the campfire

Britt goes solo this week, with a quick check in. Explaining what they’ve been up to with their camp that they’ve had bouncing around the woods for 2 months. Her experience with canned wine, and life lessons. Camping must-haves for long camping trips in the RV, their favorite Traeger recipes right now. Plus, what’s to come around the campfire as we approach fall and a new season of RECKONING Keep Reading →

Getting to know Cody

On this weeks episode we get to know Britt's husband Cody. They discuss their first hunts together. How that differs from going with just the guys & how that's changed over the years. Their antelope hunts: Montana 2007 & Utah 2020. How they hunt with their kids, tips for taking them, your wife, girlfriend or someone new to hunting. Listen to some of their favorite hunting stories, when they were nervous, unprepared, plus their recent adventures & what's to come! Keep Reading →

The BEST Camping Gear for your Trailer

Getting ready to go camping? or just got a new trailer/rv? See all of the top recommended gear and accessories you need to have in your trailer today to make for easy set, a comfortable camping trip, keep your organized and be glad you had! Britt walks you through their MUST HAVES Keep Reading →

Catching up with Kris after Texas Winter Storm

Britt chat’s with her BFF Kristen aka Kris to catch up after a wild start to her year. We truly just catch up and shoot the shit about how life has been going. Including going down memory lane talking about our failed candle making business. Riv (Britt's son) stops in to say hi for a minute. Kristen discusses the Texas winter storm of February 2021, and her experience in the storm from a northerner Keep Reading →

Solo Female Motorcyclist, Nikki Chamberlain goes across America while camping and discovering what it means to live in each state!

We chat with Nikki Chamberlain, who goes by the alias Kiwi Cruisette on Instagram, she has just wrapped up the trip of a lifetime. After losing her job as part of company wide covid layoffs, she turned this devastating year into an unforgettable journey of discovery, embracing the uncertainty and following a pipe dream. She has spent the last 6 months riding solo across America on her motorcycle, camping in forests, taking the backroads and discovering what it means to live in each of the 48 contiguous states. As an immigrant, she was curious to know what life was like for Americans from all walks of life, so she interviewed locals along the way, asking them for their take on the American Dream. Her interviews, daily vlogs and educational videos are published on her instagram and youtube channel, Lunch Cutter Productions. (We learn what a lunch cutter is!) By sharing her journey and learnings along the way, she hopes to encourage other women to ride and explore - and consider taking up motorcycle camping (aka motocamping) as a way to do both. After all, if you see it, you can be it. Keep Reading →

Trauma-Informed Sex & Embodiment Mentor, Olivia Seline

We couldn’t think of a better guest to have for our launch of our re-brand for RECKONING, We get to hang out around the fire with Olivia Seline, Trauma-Informed Sex & Embodiment Mentor, Reiki Master, and Truth Seeker. We discuss all things from motherhood, delivery, being boy moms, body image, relationships with your significant other, how to honor and let go of negative beliefs of sex due to religious or purity culture up-bringing, to becoming confident on your own as a sexual goddess, with self love, pleasure and/or with your partner. She’s the no BS friend you never know you needed. Keep Reading →