Catching up with Kris after Texas Winter Storm

Britt chat’s with her BFF Kristen aka Kris to catch up after a wild start to her year. We truly just catch up and shoot the shit about how life has been going. Including going down memory lane talking about our failed candle making business. Riv (Britt's son) stops in to say hi for a minute. Kristen discusses the Texas winter storm of February 2021, and her experience in the storm from a northerner Keep Reading →
Olivia Seline Ep 9

Trauma-Informed Sex & Embodiment Mentor, Olivia Seline

We couldn’t think of a better guest to have for our launch of our re-brand for RECKONING, We get to hang out around the fire with Olivia Seline, Trauma-Informed Sex & Embodiment Mentor, Reiki Master, and Truth Seeker. We discuss all things from motherhood, delivery, being boy moms, body image, relationships with your significant other, how to honor and let go of negative beliefs of sex due to religious or purity culture up-bringing, to becoming confident on your own as a sexual goddess, with self love, pleasure and/or with your partner. She’s the no BS friend you never know you needed. Keep Reading →
GG Rachel Schartz image in kitchen

How to Let Go of Fad Dieting & Eat Real Whole Foods for Your All Around Happiness, Health, and Mentality with Rachael Schwartz

On this week's episode we have one of my new IG favs, Rachael Schwartz.  Rachael is a full-time working mom, certified nutrition coach, and fitness enthusiast. Through her work, studies, and her own personal story with nutrition and fitness she's learned how to coach others on how to adopt a healthier lifestyle without making it feel like work. Keep Reading →
GG Podcast Episode Cover with Chandice Probst

Overcoming Disordered Binge Eating, Acceptance of your Size while Becoming Healthier & Happier with Chandice Probst

This episode we talk about motherhood while working and in quarantine, that includes schedules that work for her, plus getting back to her roots of cycling. Chandice share’s her discovery of her disordered eating with binge eating that she came to terms with while in the hospital on bed rest in 2019, how she is working with a therapeutic dietitian, what she has done to work through it and tips along the way. Keep Reading →
Grit & Grace Episode 3

Getting Social while Social Distancing with Kristen

Brittney visit with her bff as so many are “hanging out” with theirs and really how they are doing everything these days from work to social gatherings via Zoom. Kristen and Brittney have been friends for over 8 years. they discuss how they met working in corporate and how they were both then laid off. Disscussing how both of their journey through the process. Kristen opens up about her then deciding to move from Utah to Texas for a job. Don’t miss them discussing their favorite Girlfriend chats from having friends at 30 years and older, dating in quarantine, Outlander, Tiger King and more! Keep Reading →